Short Pathfinder Reviews – Abandoned Arts’ Class Acts, Part I

29 October, 2012

Abandoned Arts‘ Class Acts range for Pathfinder are short collections of various abilities to give more options to the various Pathfinder classes.  Six of these for core and base classes are reviewed here:

Class Acts: Alchemists, 18 New Discoveries provides 15 new discoveries and 3 grand discoveries.  There are some interesting choices for the alchemist, with some informational discoveries such as autopsy (which could have been expanded, it is useful but it could have been really useful with some additional detail) and deep analysis, modifications to mutagens and potions, overall a good set of options.  In the grand discoveries, radiation bomb worries me as being both powerful and a little out of genre, a GM should consider very carefully before allowing it in their campaign.  Overall, this product provides a good selection of new options for the alchemist.

Class Acts: Barbarians, 32 New Rage Powers is just that, more choices for your raging.  Many ways to expand your options and customize your barbarian, some of them are particularly evocative such as Rebel Yell (which allows your allies a chance to overcome their fear) and Toss Aside (which allows the barbarian to do just that to people in his way).  There are also two Totem chains of three powers each for Panther and Wave which are quite intriguing thematically.  People who like barbarians should find some good and fun options for making their rage more useful.

Class Acts: Clerics, 18 New Subdomains ranging from the broad (chance, fellowship, spell) to the narrow (beggar, magma, zephyr) each gaining a replacement for one of the domains granted powers and a slightly adjusted list of domain spells.  The granted powers are interesting and mostly well tied to the theme.  Good for expanding the options available to clerics and faith in a campaign, but note some of the abilities and spells key off of information in the Advance Players Guide or Ultimate Magic.

Class Acts: Druids, 12 New Drudic Domains building off the rules presented for Druids in Ultimate Magic.  Seven of the drudic domains are animal based and the other five are based on terrains and each gives an interesting portfolio of abilities, I find fox and ursine especially appealing, but note some of the abilities and spells key off of information in the Advance Players Guide or Ultimate Magic.  If you want to build a more focused druid, this product will give you some excellent tools to do so.

Class Acts: Fighters, 22 New Combat Feats, only 5 of which are directly tied to the Fighter class and its abilities so there is much here for combat focused characters.  There is a fair range of new choices here including some that are tied to specific weapon styles (club, great axe, javelin, spear, whip) which are quite narrow in usefulness and some also require access to the feats presented in Ultimate Combat and Ultimate Magic to be useful.  The few feats that key off of the Bravery class feature are nice making that minor ability a bit more interesting.  Overall, a solid product but not a required buy.

Class Acts: Gunslingers, 18 New Grit Feats, this is very much a product for Gunslingers (or characters with the amateur gunslinger feat) as introduced in Ultimate Combat as only one of the new feats can be taken by non-gunslingers.  However, the feat selection is excellent -if heavily influenced by Western movies- including: Into the Sunset (which lets you maintain Diplomacy/Intimidation effects for longer than usual), Ride Tall (adding Gunslinger level to mount related effects) and Think Twice (gains bonuses after delivering a verbal warning to a foe).  If you like your gunslingers like the heroes of American Westerns, this is the product for you.

Disclaimer: As a featured reviewer for RPGNow/DriveThroughRPG, I received my copy of this product for free from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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