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Short Pathfinder Reviews – Abandoned Arts’ Class Acts, Part I

29 October, 2012

Abandoned Arts‘ Class Acts range for Pathfinder are short collections of various abilities to give more options to the various Pathfinder classes.  Six of these for core and base classes are reviewed here:

Class Acts: Alchemists, 18 New Discoveries provides 15 new discoveries and 3 grand discoveries.  There are some interesting choices for the alchemist, with some informational discoveries such as autopsy (which could have been expanded, it is useful but it could have been really useful with some additional detail) and deep analysis, modifications to mutagens and potions, overall a good set of options.  In the grand discoveries, radiation bomb worries me as being both powerful and a little out of genre, a GM should consider very carefully before allowing it in their campaign.  Overall, this product provides a good selection of new options for the alchemist.
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