Tuesday Magic Item – Bloodgate Dagger

23 October, 2012

“They have broken through the inner defenses, my master,” reported the Commander of the Bone Guard, his wounds dripping, bowing down before the Master of Drawn Blood.

“You have done your best commander, now you may perform one last service . . .”

The heroes charged into the last chamber, only to see the Commander perish in a spray of blood, his throat slashed and the Master vanishing through the spray to somewhere else.

Bloodgate Dagger

These twisted weapons have blades made of iron that always seems stained, the grips are always made of bone, usually angel or demon, though often wrapped and concealed.  In areas of high magic or around recent death inscriptions are revealed along the blade.

The least ability is that it is a +1 cold iron dagger that inflicts an extra 1d4 points of damage against a helpless victim.  The bearer has a +1 profane bonus to saves against magic raised to +3 against divination spells.

But the dagger is most prized for its ability to use death to tear open rifts in the fabric of the world, either allowing the bearer to translocate or to pull a being through to serve.   The Bloodgate Dagger must strike the killing blow to trigger either effect and it can only be done once a day, recharging at dusk.

How far the wielder can travel or how powerful a being it can summon is based on the strength of the victim:

Victim’s Level    Translocate        Summon        Effective Caster Level
1-3                               –                         I             4
4-8            Dimension Door              III            Victim’s +1
9-14            Teleport                            V             Victim’s +2
15+            Greater Teleport            VII            Victim’s +3

Performing an hour long ritual before killing the victim increases the strength of the translocation by one step or the Summon by one level (from III to IV for a 6th level victim for example).

Aura strong conjuration (summoning); CL 15th
Slot none; Price 36,666; Weight 1 lb
Construction Requirements
Craft Magic Arms and Armor and Craft Wondrous Item, death knell or vampiric touch, magic circle against good, greater teleport or word of recall, summon monster VIII; Cost 18,032 + 602 for the dagger

Notes: A weapon that is both objectively evil and acts as a way to explain the villain’s minions or escape.

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