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Tuesday Magic Item – Ancestral Death Mask

25 September, 2012
Death Mask

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Oland hated this part of the monthly family ceremony when they went to speak to the ancestors, he fidgeted and tried to keep to the back but his mother spotted him and called him forward.  He dragged his feet but one of the servants propelled him forward.  He stood there, staring at his sandals.

“Tell your grandfather about your problems at school, Oland,” prompted his mother.

Oland stepped up to the row of death masks and whispered in the ear of the mask for his grandfather.

After a moment the mask began to move, a fine rain of dust shaken free.  Its blank eyes opened, and it spoke in a dry voice, “Young Oland, you bear my name, you must stand up for it . . .”

Ancestral Death Mask

These masks are cast from pristine materials soon after death and sacred magics bind an echo of the person’s soul into the mask.  The masks may look fragile but they are very resilient and difficult to destroy.

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Short Pathfinder Reviews – Rite Publishing Edition

25 September, 2012

A variety of short reviews of a variety of products for Pathfinder by those talented people at Rite Publishing.  Are you sitting comfortably?  Then we will begin,

In the Company of Henge is a sourcebook for playing hengeyokai, Japanese animal spirits specifically for Rite’s Kaidan setting, but adaptable to any Pathfinder world. Read the rest of this entry ?

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