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Tuesday Magic Item – Herrenvold’s Slavecatcher

18 September, 2012

The  warning bell rang out, slave-catchers spotted!  A chill ran down my spine and I dashed for the temple.  Even the slave-catchers do not dare to challenge the Goddess of Freedom in her temple, whatever the laws may say.

Joining the flow of newly freed, we dodged though the narrow streets.  Alert for catchers and spotters.  The temples doors came into view, acolytes with staves stood ready to defend us.

Jebes next to me cried out as metal bands closed around  his waist, pulling him back.  A spark flashed from the metal, stinging me as I ran on.  “Go,” Jebes cried out.

Herrenvold’s Slavecatcher

These mancatchers are styled after the one owned by Herrenvold the Bloodhound, capturer of escaped slaves.  They are made of polished steel and brass over good hard wood and marked with tags of authorization from the various entities employing the slavecatcher.

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