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Trip to DC – Part II – Freer to Flying Home

16 September, 2012

(Part I of the trip) Started Thursday with a visit to Labyrinth Games, which is a lovely shop specializing in family games, puzzles and board games and beginning to get seriously into Magic and lightly into RPGs.  If you are in the area, drop in and take a look.  (We dropped by as a friend works there, sadly, we missed him.)

Then to the Freer and Sackler Galleries, which are the Smithsonian’s Asian art collections, which was wonderful as always.  Lots of things we had not seen before had been rotated through the collections and their was a special exhibit called Nomads and Networks which looked at the  culture and artifacts of Kazakhstan.  Laura has a fascination with the steppes nomads, so that was a real treat for her.  But both galleries are well worth the time to explore with wonderful collections and always intriguing exhibitions.  Then a dash over to the National Museum of Natural History to see the Hope Diamond, their wonderful collections of gems and minerals, the titanoboa and a few other things before they closed.

Back to Alexandria for dinner at Eamonn’s – a Dublin Chipper for fantastic fish and chips, lovely fried cod and hand cut chips.  Oh, so very tasty,  Wish it was closer.  If you like fish and chips and are in Alexandria, give them a try.

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