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Tuesday Magic Item – Reporter’s Notepad

11 September, 2012

I was chasing down “Big Mike” Mahoney for a quote about what his boys had been doing during the dock strike that became a riot when a bigger fish passed by in the form of Reginald “Golden Reg” Rymond, owner of the Golden Sea Shipping Line.

What secrets does this contain

Reporter’s notes

“Mr Rymond!’ I called, “Any comment on the dock strike?”

His bodyguard, big as a gorilla and twice as ugly, tried to block my way but my press card and notepad caused him to pause.  Rymond sighed.  “Walk with me, muckraker, I can spare you a few minutes.”

I smirked and flipped open my notebook, “So, about the strike . . .”

Reporter’s Notepad

These notepads are usually held in leather cases, though canvass, metal and even wood are occasionally used.  Most are personalized by their owner, usually noting their name and organization.  They all have some way to seal them, be it tied string, clasp lock or something more exotic.

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