Off on Vacation – to Alexandria (VA) and Washington, DC

1 September, 2012

Greetings gentle readers,

I and my lovely wife are off on a week long vacation to Alexandria, VA, and Washington, DC, which -at the very least- will inspire a post about our travels there.  However, unlike GenCon, I should actually have some time in the evening to at least glance at the world of the internet, possible write some here, approve comments and such.

If you have any recommendations of places we should visit or things we should see, please, post away!  It has been two years since we were last in DC and have no idea what is going on these days.  But note that we will be traveling by public transportation, mostly the METRO, and shank’s pony*.

Should be a good time, there are so many great museums in Washington, DC, especially the various Smithsonian museums.

*(on foot for those who do not know that term)


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