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Alex Mitchell’s Inspirational Artwork

31 August, 2012

From a link on G+, I was propelled into the galleries of Alex Mitchell (aka genesischant on deviantART artist and animator (writer Chambara Supermanand artist for Space Ninja).  Mitchell does a lot of redesigning characters for other genres, such as a chambara Justice League (of which the Steel Man/Superman is pictured to the right).

He has also done 1930s versions of the JLA as vigilante gang busters, while the Secret Society (of supervillains) are all mob bosses.  The X-Men as Victorian-era spiritualist/occult based heroes and much mAdventuring Partyuch more.

So much inspiration here for superhero games, Legend of the Five Rings, steampunk, Victorian-era games and more.  Go take a look and see what takes your fancy.

Oh, and he even has a piece inspired from back when he played D&D.


Review – Kingdoms of Legend: Knights of France

31 August, 2012

IPG continues their hard work on building a coherent world for their Kingdom of Legends setting with Knights of France providing a good resource for knights and for an alternate history/fantastic vision of medieval France.  If your campaign has a place for both, this will be an extremely useful source book, however if it only uses one of the other, the material will be of more limited value.

Kingdoms of Legend: Knights of France is a 36-page PDF (33-pages if you remove the covers and OGL page) for the Pathfinder RPG written by Jason Rice and published by Interaction Point Games as part of their Kingdoms of Legend line.

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