Looking back on the Summer of 2012 (and May too)

30 August, 2012

Busy times, though not so much here on the Sea of Stars Journal, but a recap of these months and what was published here:


Elementals – in General and in the Sea of Stars

GenCon 2012 report: Parts I – Transit and Thursday and II – Friday to Flight Home

Three years of the Sea of Stars!

Twenty Quick Questions (from Jeff Rients) and Answers about the Sea of Stars

New Game Material:

Fraternity of Smoke, a criminal syndicate (L5R Ronin path).

Angel of War, a new Oracle path (for Pathfinder).

New Magic Items:

Blessed Disc of the Earth Mother, to protect your home.

Campaign Medal: Inspirational and Life Saving, loyal service is rewarded.

Candle of Soul Protection, guard your loved one.

Charm: Paper Weapon, never be unarmed again.

Coffinnails of Cool, look good getting into that early grave.

Death Gate Ring, using dark magics to escape.

Flare Stars, to help you escape.

Highwayman’s Crossbow, stand and deliver!

Mace of the Infernal Duke, strike down your foes with authority.

Orlando’s Renewing Javelin, never run out of javelins again.

Purifying Bough, drive away illness.

Shah’s Chessboard of Strategic Insight, watch the war play out.

Snakestrike Cigarettes, act faster than a flaring match.

Sleep Thief, steal rest from others.

Storm in a Bottle, you never know when you might need one.

Timepiece of Punctuality, get there on time, every time.

Turtle of Resistance, stand firm.

Watchful Coffin, guarding the dead.

Campaign Reports:

L5R New Lands to the North mini-campaign: Framework, Historical Background, Characters, Spring, Spring to Summer, Summer, Summer to Autumn, Autumn, Autumn to Winter, and Winter Endgame.

Pathfinder – Gate of Sorrows – Pilot Episode and Characters.

ShadowrunSeattle Scream 34 and Seattle Scream 35.


Finwicket’s Bestiary – Along the Faerie Path

Genius Guide to Loot 4 Less – Bell, Book and Candle.

Kingdoms of Legend: Knights of France

Short M&M Reviews: Matinee Monsters Edition and Multiple Threats

Short Pathfinder Reviews: Short Reviews Take 2Merchandise, Smugglers and Ioun StonesSpells, Magic Items and More and Spirit Warriors and Fabricants.

Shadowrun: DreamchipperA Fistful of Credsticks, Missions: Season 4 (part 1), Spy Games, Street Legends and Way of the Adept.

Vampire – the Danse Macabre

Star Hero

Short V&V Reviews – Chances to be Superheroic

Other Fun Stuff:

Alex Mitchell’s Inspirational Artwork, a new look at superheroes and more.

Gods of Porphyra

Inspirational Viewing: Phase IV


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