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Tuesday Magic Item – Death Gate Ring

28 August, 2012

The necrourgist flexed his hand of living bone, the silver and ivory ring clicking along his finger.  “To think it has come to this,” he sighed, looking over the assembled members of the Church of Light, their weapons shining with destructive radiance that carved through the animated dead of his outer guard.

He glanced about his workshop, some of the items here would be difficult to replace but not as difficult as escaping the divinity-powered judgement the Churchmembers would inflict upon him.  He sighed again, grabbing the nearest tome with his still living hand. 

One of the armored Church Warriors rushed him, he raised his living bone hand, channeling his will and magic though the ring.  Black-veined lightning lanced through the knight and lashed at those beyond, as his soul was torn free from his body, the Necrourgist followed it, stepping from his lost lair to a distant street, where all was quiet.  He looked around and nodded, this would do as a place to rebuild.

Death Gate Ring

These rings are usually made of intertwined ivory and silver, forged on bones of murdered victims, the interior is marked with tightly carved runes and magical symbols.  The ring always feels cold.

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