Short Pathfinder Reviews – Spells, Magic Items and more

27 August, 2012

A variety of short reviews of a variety (well 3) short products for Pathfinder.  Let us begin:

Genius Guide to: Another 110 Spell Variants is just that, taking existing spells and giving them a twist to create a new spell.  This is very useful for rapid generation of ancient tomes of magic and signature spells for NPCs.   Though it should be noted that many of the base spells are from Ultimate Magic and a smaller number from the Advanced Player’s Guide and without access to those spells this product will not be as useful.

Loot 4 Less: Things that Make you go Boom which is a compilation of several earlier Loot 4 Less products (Arms and Armors, Rings and Rods, links to earlier reviews of the individual products) which are all about lower powered -and lower level- magic items which fulfil a useful niche in the magic item/adventurers ecosystem.  And many of them are just fun as well.  For anyone who likes minor magic items, and discussions on how to make them, this product is a good investment.

Fehr’s Ethnology: Ith’n Ya’roo, a new playable species.  The Ith’n Ya’roo are a yeti-like humanoids that embrace and extol the primitive, using bone and hide in their arctic home.  Beyond the race itself, there is support for them in the form of feats, traits, new spells and rules for using bone weapons and armor.  Ith’n Ya’roo are interesting but not the sort of being that is likely to be widespread but if you want a different kind of encounter for the arctic wastes, this may be just what you are looking for.

Disclosure: As a featured reviewer for RPGNow/DriveThroughRPG, I received my copy of this product for free from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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