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New Magic Item – Campaign Medal

26 August, 2012

Sergeant Lorvik stood proud as the Princess Elesana pinned the medal for bravery in service against the savage tribes of Koraloo on his

Médaille du Maintien de l'Ordre

For Service.

chest.  Such an award was rare, especially among the lower ranks, but it was his third.

Lorvik parried the spear and counter thrust, piercing the tribesman through the heart.  He spun and barked a command to short up the right of the line.  From his left came a shout.  More tribesmen.  He touched his fist clenched around the hilt of his sword to his medals and felt the strength of the kingdom flow through him.

“Come on you dogs!  Let us drive these savages back and show them the steel of civilization!”  He took the lead and counter charged the advancing warriors.

Campaign Medal, Inspirational and Life Saving

These come in a variety of forms from highly decorative designs on colorful cloth to simple markers of carved stone or metal.  But part of what gives them their power is the public presentation of these markers of bravery and devotion.

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