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GenCon 2012 Report II – Friday to Flight Home

24 August, 2012

After the success of Thursday, I was looking forward to Friday.  Up early for another 8am game, which was delayed as we had to wait for the room to be unlocked, but still had six people for the Otomo Estates adventure which was the introductory intrigue scenario.  They managed quite well with a tricky political situation ultimately achieving the goals set for them and even managing to get one of the characters a minor political post out of the deal.  (Onof the players sent me an email after the con and said that this adventure was one of the highlights of her GenCon!  Which made me feel very good.)

Young AthenaThen I had my only extended block of time to visit the exhibitors hall as my next game was not until 6pm.  I made it a point to go down each and every one of the aisles, so I could at least glance at everything there.  So many wonderful things, it was overwhelming but in a good way.  So much creativity and passion about our hobby was on display.  I caught up with Drew Baker and chatted a bit, Drew is a great guy and a wonderful artist so I always drop by to talk with him.  And broke down and purchased another piece of art, the charming young Athena to the right by Meredith Dillman along with a pendant from the same artist for Laura.  Art ended up being my biggest block of purchases this year.  Said hello to Adam Jury of Posthuman Studios.

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