En Route to GenCon (and where to find me)

15 August, 2012

But the time this posts, I will be on my way to GenCon via bus, subway, airplane and whatever gets me from the Indianapolis airport to the hotel.  It will be a longish day.

If you want to find me there, my schedule is:

I am running lots of the L5R RPG in ICC Room 107-108, at Table 1.  I should have a little time before each game and afterward as well.  Be feel free to drop by and say hello or even watch for a bit.  My game schedule:

Thursday: 8-11:30am, 2-5:30pm and I may be required at the L5R Second City event that evening.

Friday: 8-11:30am, 6-9:30pm.

Saturday: 8-11:30am, 2-5:30pm and I will be helping out at the L5R 10K Card Event at the Rathskellar from 6:30pm on.

Sunday: 10am-1:30pm.

While I may have internet access while I am at GenCon, I am not expecting to have much time to post.  So, comment approval and replies will likely be delayed until my return but please feel free to post all the same.  Hope to catch up with some of you there.

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