Two Weeks to GenCon – Advice and Where to Find Me

1 August, 2012

Well, two weeks until I leave for GenCon in any case.  I have written advice on how to prepare for GenCon before, go take a look if you are interested, it has served me well.

For those interested in catching up with me at GenCon, I am running lots of the L5R RPG in ICC Room 107-108, at Table 1.  I should have a little time before each game and afterward as well.  Be feel free to drop by and say hello or even watch for a bit.  My game schedule:

Thursday: 8-11:30am, 2-5:30pm and I may be required at the L5R Second City event that evening.

Friday: 8-11:30am, 6-9:30pm.

Saturday: 8-11:30am, 2-5:30pm and I will be helping out at the L5R 10K Card Event at the Rathskellar from 6:30pm on.

Sunday: 10am-1:30pm.

If you need my phone number, drop me an email and I’ll send it along.


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