L5R New Lands to the North – Summer to Autumn

9 July, 2012

Much of the building of the Valley of White Flowers takes place off stages in the player chosen actions their characters undertake between the season games (as was noted in the campaign framework), so following upon the events of Summer, we have the next round of character actions:

Isawa Natsumi, Daimyo, detach part of the Rokugani ashigaru to oversee rice cultivation.  See that villages are protected by bamboo barriers, starting with the three villages closest to where the terror bird outbreak started, with gates and a watch tower.   She starts to recruit Yobanjin ashigaru, with promises that their family will be cared for if he is killed.  Read up on mining technique and suggest some new ones, and see if a quarry can be established around thew mine.  Communes with Uncle’s spirit seeking aid.

Asako Taysuke, throws himself headlong into trying to understand the differences in the kami and the magical world of the Yobanjin, intensively communing with the spirit and spending as much time as the Shamen will allow studying from him and trying to seek out others to speak with.  Taysuke becomes an advocate of the Yobanjin people and their traditions, spending much time among them, leading to much talk behind his back, especially as he is said to have added Yobanjin names to his personal shrine (more talk would be generated if his secret shrine to Lord Moon was discovered).  Several accidents happen around Taysuke, any of which could have been life threatening, but none of which actually harm him, the Rokugani start speaking of him as though he were cursed.

Isawa Katai, takes upon the task of improving the road system and mine, hampered by the lack of resources, it is slow going.  But it primarily a cover to try and recruit a squad of four hunters.   He spends the majority of his time training in secret with the hunters and trying to make them into a cohesive striking unit under his command.  When he is not with his unit, he drinks more heavily and is quick to anger.   Rumors say that he killed several people around the mine.

Kitsuki Nenzo, continues to work as an investigator, teaching law to the locals and keeping the peace in White Flower Village.  He also spends as much time as he can with his wife, Kitsuki Sata, and tries to convince her that this place is  awesome.  Keeping the peace proves to be the easier task.

Shiba Shyuan, is promoted to nikutai and quarter master and take charge of monitoring  household defense and supplies.  She trains intensively in yari and riding in her limited spare time.

Kemuri, continues with his efforts to build a vast criminal empire, or at least a criminal niche, especially trying to build a network among the transient worker and learn about the bandit and smugglers in the local area.  Having finally recruited his own errand boy to induct him in the ways of the fraternity (also kept secret, masked as teaching him proper Rokugani ways).

Shigeru, travels with the Akodo to set up the shrine and continues to work on the Temple, working with Ennin on such.  He spend a larger amount of time daily in meditation and prayer at various shrines throughout the Lady’s holdings seeking a deeper understanding of the Fortune’s purpose for these lands, and how best to find the balance of the Shindao.  He continues working with the local policing force on Juijitsu.

Akodo Raion, travels north to the 7th Imperial Legion headquarters and requisitions new armor to replace that destroyed by the terror bird, along the way -with Shigeri’s aid- establishes a roadside shrine to his brother, makes and presents a plan for defending the Valley of White Flowers from future “Death Bird” incursions, designs defenses for such and trains himself and others for actions against such threat.

NPCs: Kitsuki Sata, holds court among the Imperial Legionaries on rest and recreation, complains about lack of rice, and follows her husband around learning about the law.

Seppun Endo, leads the Seppun guards in a sweep of the area around Apple Blossom Village looking for bandits or smugglers without success.  He watches and studies the situation.

Ennin, talks with and learns about the local people.

Notes: So much work getting all of this organized and plotted, managing each of these seasons is more stressful than a month of our usual games.

And onward to Autumn.


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  1. “Notes: So much work getting all of this organized and plotted, managing each of these seasons is more stressful than a month of our usual games.”

    Sean, your level of detail is inspiring. I am having so much fun playing in this game. I appreciate all of your hard work. 🙂

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