L5R New Lands to the North – Spring to Summer

4 July, 2012

This was done though ‘downtimes’ which the players turned in after the first session.

All characters, learn the basics (or more) of the Yobanjin tongue so they can communicate with the people they are dealing will. (This is allowed as a 1 XP advantage, no additional charge, no reason to penalize the PCs for want to be able to talk to people.)

Isawa Natsumi, Daimyo, oversees the beginning of construction of a new Temple in the town, ensures that the rice paddies are properly planted and see about stocking the ponds with fish, and organizes the town for the arrival of the Imperial legionnaires including a magistrate’s office.

Asako Taysuke, tries to talk with the shaman -with limited success- and finds that the kami of the Yobanjin lands like long rituals telling their stories as a way to beseech them to act, reads about Yobanjin magic in the castle library, eats cake, and acquires a Yobanjin box.

Isawa Katai, works with Kitsuki Nenzo to train some doshin from the local Yobanjin townsfolk to help maintain order in the town when needed.  Keeps the pressure on the samurai and ashigaru to insure they train, drill and maintain their professionalism.  Meets with the blacksmith and learns that while he is a highly competent craftsman, he only has easy access to bronze and a small amount of poor iron limiting his ability to provide tools of war on a large scale.

Kitsuki Nenzo, begins preparation for the arrival of his bride in Summer, learns the town and works with everyone else to prepare for the arrival and hospitality of the Imperial legionaries, and reads to understand Rokugani law and to try and translate it into something the Yobanjin understand.

Shiba Shyuan, takes messages and reports back to the Phoenix lands, takes a whirlwind course to master the Dancing with the Elements technique, rides like the wind back to the new lands.

Kemuri, tries to dress better and generally act more samurai-like to fit into the Daimyo’s household, works to recruit an errand boy from among the locals, and begins laying the foundation for the interests of the Fraternity of Smoke among the locals (but teaching them various gambling games among other things).

Shigeru, works with Isawa Natsumi on the Temple and Akodo Raion on planning his brother’s shrine, starts to learn where the native beliefs overlap with the Rokugani ones and begins to tries and slowly move them more towards Rokugani practices, practices jiujutsu with the bushi.

Akodo Raion, locates the site of his brother’s death and, with Shigeru’s aid, makes plans to establish a roadside shrine in commemoration, starts work on mapping the Valley of White Flowers taking careful note of all passages into and out of the area, and coordinates in establishing security in preparation for incoming Legion samurai.

Just before Summer begins, two of the Rokugani ashigaru are killed in an ambush to the East.  The proximate cause of which is unknown.  What happens next.


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