Tuesday Magic Item – Orlando’s Renewing Javelin

26 June, 2012

The warrior-hero stretched in the early morning sun, plucking his favorite javelin from among three others.  The young boy, still in training, looked on in awe.

The hero laughed, pulled out one of the other javelins and tossed it to the boy.  “Take this, learn to use it well and make me proud.”

Orlando’s Renewing Javelin

First made for the brave warrior Orlando who was endlessly complaining that on campaign he always ran out of javelins before he ran out of enemies.  This item was made to at least address his concern, though it only slowed his complaints.  It appears as a good hardwood javelin with a steel tip which has seen much hard use.  The original had Orlando’s name carved into it in a fine hand.

It is a +1 keen javelin and, unless burned to ash and slag, it will put itself back together over the course of a night.  But it is its second property that makes it even popular among javelin throwers, planted in any soil overnight it will produce a crop of 1d4+1 javelins.  These javelins are just normal ones and they reflect the area they were grown from.
If left planted, only one new javelin is grown each night.

Aura moderate conjuration and transmutation; CL 9th
Slot none; Price 23,301; Weight 2 lbs
Construction Requirements
Craft Arms and Armor, fabricate, make whole, summon monster III; Cost 11,500 +301 for the javelin

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