New Ronin Path – the Fraternity of Smoke

17 June, 2012

Fraternity of Smoke [Bushi]

Those who become or are born Ronin often fall into the orbit of criminal organizations, one such group is the Fraternity of Smoke, a loose network of extortionists, gamblers and other hard men.  The Fraternity of Smoke is mobile, seeking opportunities where they may and establishing operations where they can.

The symbol of the fraternity is the kiseru, the smoking pipe, which they can turn into a weapon at a moment’s notice.

Technique Rank: 1
Benefit: +1 Reflex
Skills: Defense, Jojutsu (Kiseru), Kenjutsu, Games (any gambling), Intimidation, any one Bushi skill, any one low skill
Honor: 3.5
Outfit: Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, Kiseru, Traveling Pack, game of choice, 6 bu.

Technique: Smoke to Strike– A member of the Fraternity of Smoke can use their kiseru (or a jo staff) to disarm or feint at one less raise than usual, they also gain a free raise when using a kiseru or jo staff in combat.

Lastly, the member gains +1k0 when using Intimidation against someone with a status of 0 or less.

Notes: An adaption of a 3rd edition L5R ronin school to 4th edition, for the player of Kemuri.

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