L5R New Lands to the North – Characters

14 June, 2012

While I had hoped to start this arc tonight, there were some scheduling and character creation issues came up but, most importantly, the player for the new Lady of the Valley of the While Flower was sick.  So, next week, the new Lady arrives with Spring.

The characters are:

The New Lady, Isawa Natsumi, formerly the seven child of an Isawa daimyo, chosen by her uncle to succeed him. Her catapult to her new status was as unexpected as her uncle’s death.  (Asako Loremaster, rank 1 -rank 2 as of Autumn-, played by L.)

Asako Taysuke, an Ishken-do and student of Isawa Maki, the Mistress of the Void, not overly crazy for a void shugenja except for nights of the full moon.  (Ishken-do, rank 1-rank 2 as of Winter-, played by T.)

SamuraiIsawa Katai, brash samurai and half-brother of Shyuan, killed during Autumn.  (Shiba bushi, rank 1, played by J1.)

Kitsuki Nenzo, third son of the Kitsuki daimyo and hostage to the Phoenix, a young man with a bright future ahead of him.  (Kitsuki investigator, rank 1, played by M.)

Shiba Shyuan, skilled warrior with the yari, half-sister to Katai.  (Shiba bushi, rank 1 -rank 2 as of Summer-, played by T2.)

Kemuri, ronin and member of the criminal Fraternity of Smoke, hired as additional muscle for the expedition, he is also looking for his main chance.  (Fraternity of Smoke, ronin rank 1, played by Z.)

Shigeru, religious adviser to the new Lady.  (Monk of the Kaimetsu-O Order, rank 1, played by J2.)

Akodo Raion, focused Lion samurai and  liaison from the 7th Imperial Legion.  (Akodo bushi, rank 1, played by H.)

NPC: Isawa Hiromi, matron and guardian of the Lady’s honor, old, proper and stodgy.  (Moshi shugenja, rank 2.)

Notes: Photo by txarli san and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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