Short L5R Arc – New Lands to the North

11 June, 2012

Lands to the North

Game Themes: The perils of colonization, culture clashes, estate management, what is just?

Situation: A Phoenix lord has died and his young niece has inherited his estates . . .  In the newly conquered Yobanjin lands beyond the established Empire.  With their entourage, and some assistance from the 7th Imperial Legion, the new Lord must keep order and “civilize” the native people over the course of his first year ruling his new estate.

Game Format: Legend of the Five Rings, 4th edition, four game sessions representing arrival in Spring and then skipping forward by season with sessions for Summer, Autumn and Winter.  Players may take actions for their characters between game sessions that can affect the next session.

Characters: One person, PC or NPC as the players choose, will be the young lord.

Characters must be from one of the following groups:

Lord and Entourage, must be Phoenix, Badger, ronin or monk (only one monk slot), optional – one hostage: Basic character + 10 experience.

7th Imperial Legion, any Clan bushi: Basic Character + 5 experience.

Other Rokugani, with a reason for being in the North: Basic character, cannot buy additional status.

Additional Restrictions: No more than two shugenja.

Notes: Need to get back up to speed on L5R in preparation for GenCon and this idea has been bouncing around in my head for a bit.

Characters have been generated and can be found here, first (Spring) game here.

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