The Gods of Porphyra

6 June, 2012

From Purple Duck Game’s announcement for The Gods of Porphrya

“In April of this year, I launched a search for writers to contribute to an open Pantheon. This tome is the result of the hard work of over a dozen writers who stepped up to help us create a twenty-seven god pantheon that can be used as open game content in our products and the products of any other publisher that wishes to use them without restriction.

This tome features:

  • Two new domains Art and Time including their four subdomains.
  • Twenty-seven new deities for use in your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign [Three keyed to each of the nine alignments].
  • Two religion traits for each of the twenty-seven deities.
  • Updates of the mâlites as a simple template and full stats of the mâlite custodian.
  • 3PP spells to round out the two new domains

and    Preliminary information on the Patchwork World of Porphyra”

I am promoting it as I wrote two of the goddesses included, namely:

Lyvalia, lady of politics and poison, and Ul’Ul, the mad goddess of the dance and sudden storms.


  1. Ul’Ul is an awesome name for a goddess of dance and storms.

  2. I realize I am still a nobody, but nevertheless I am annoyed that no one asked me to write up a god for this book.

    That said, I approve of your gods because I like the way their spheres inter-relate.

    • Go hit up Mark Gedak on G+ to be added to the list of potential writers for future PD books. Sorry that you missed out on this one, would have been fun to see what you came up with.

      • If Jamie Mal ever gets off his ass and publishes Petty Gods, you will be able to view Manidono – the god of slackers, half-assed effort, and loose change – in all his dubious glory.

        I figure every book like that needs a Flumph entry. 😉

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