New Pathfinder Campaign – Gate of Sorrow – Characters

22 May, 2012

So, I have started running an occasional Pathfinder campaign.  The characters are:

Aisha, an oracle of the angel of war, an order called by some the fallen angels.  From a desert kingdom, her last memory before the opening scene was of standing over the bodies of four bandits, bloody sword in hand.  (Oracle 3, human, played by L, my lovely wife)

Falla, once a member of the Order of the Wind, claims to be 147-years old but looks thirteen.  Says that she was the victim of age-renewal magic gone wrong which not only regressed her body but her mind.  Some of the other characters are dubious.  Her last memory before the opening scene was of fleeing out of the back on an inn, two enforcers of the Order of Wind in close support.  (Monk 3, human, played by Z)

Palin She’Are, noble by birth from the Eosiant Kingdom, though claiming to be but a simple swordsman.  Owns a sword of black steel that comes to his hand when asked.  He was fleeing knights in service to his family.  (Noble 1/Fighter 2, human, Played by M)

Esarian Ivyblood, elven wizard from the White Isles and trained in the prestigious College of Gold.  (NPC, so the party had access to a scholar and wizard.)

From their last memories, they awake in . . . <to be continued>

One comment

  1. An intriguing start and an interesting group of characters.

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