More Short Pathfinder Reviews – Spirit Warriors and Fabricants

18 May, 2012

Short reviews of two products from the Necromancers of the Northwest for the Pathfinder RPG,  one a new class and the other a new race with a complementary class and other support.

The new class is the Spirit Warrior, a combat focused class that channels the abilities of great warriors of the past.  Each of the Spirit Warriors can channel three (of six possible) great warriors called exemplars, each focuses on a separate ability, one of whom the warrior will be especially attuned with and gain extra abilities from.  While channeling an exemplar, the Spirit Warrior gains access to a variety of abilities but it can only be maintained for a short time.  It is an interesting class but it is a tricky balancing act and it also lacks support for the class there are no feats, magic items or skill uses to support it.

The Fabricant is the race, they are living machines created in the forms of the various races (dwarf, elf, human, and so on) to perform various tasks.  They are an interesting execution of that theme, gaining almost all construct immunities but being unable to be healed/repaired except through the craft skill.  The Fabricants are well supported by:  New feats, 22 of them.  A class, Iron Warrior, that uses built in weaponry and magical devices is made just for them while the Iron Magus prestige class, allows a spellcaster to become a living construct.  There is a lot here which places quite a burden on both a player and GM to use it well.  Some example characters would probably have helped as would have a greater look at how fabricants might fit into a society.  But it is a useful resource if you are thinking of including such beings in your campaign.

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