Tuesday Magic Item – Mace of the Infernal Duke

15 May, 2012

The warlord styling himself the Emperor of the North paced his throne room, pausing to look at maps and reports.  Snapping at servants and drinking rice wine.

Clubbing you to deathHis trusted lieutenant, his armor damaged and his head bandaged arrived with a long box under one arm.  He kowtowed and offered the box.

“You have found it?” asked the warlord.

“Yes, my Emperor, it cost the lives of most of my command and all the wizards you sent to retrieve it, but the mace of the infernal duke is yours.”

Mace of the Infernal Duke

Despite the name this was made for a mortal, but not a kind one, the infamous Duke of Xin.  It is a eight-sided steel shaft that ends in a flanged head, each flange decorated with runes of dark power inlaid in silver.  The grip is sharkskin and the symbol of Xin is embossed in gold on the end.

The mace exudes menace and gives its bearer a +3 competence bonus to Intimidate checks.  Used as a weapon it is a +3 heavy mace that when it reduces someone to 0 or fewer hit points triggers a death knell (DC 12).  Anyone killed by the mace or the death knell is animated as a zombie under the control of the mace wielder the following round for 5d6 minutes before collapsing back into death.

Aura strong necrourgy; CL 11th
Slot none; Price 30,312; Weight 7 lbs
Construction Requirements
Craft Arms and Armor, animate dead, death knell or vampiric touch, fear; Cost 15,000 + 312 for the mace

Notes: A useful and thematic weapon for an evil ruler.

Inspired by Duke Jing of Qin.  Image from Wikimedia Commons and used under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license (Attribution Walters Art Museum).

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  1. A mace of menace. I like it!

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