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Legend of the Five Rings RPG at GenCon 2012!

8 May, 2012

Samurai of Rokugan, you are asked to come and serve your Empire . . . at GenCon!

I am in charge of the official (as in sponsored directly by AEG) Legend of the Five Rings RPG events at GenCon this year.

The events I am running are:

For New Players: Imperial Colonies (Action Oriented) and Otomo Estates (Intrigue)

For Experienced Players: Rumors? (Action Oriented) and Ten Thousand Temples (Intrigue)

Preregistration information can be found here (if you have a GenCon account and are signed in).  I hope to see you there!


Tueday Magic Item – Charm: Paper Weapon

8 May, 2012

The sage unrolled the paper her had smuggled in under his hat into short lengths and smoothed them out.  Then he traced the characters written on them and the paper folded itself into weapons, swords, spears, even a mace.  “These will not last long, but long enough for us to take weapons from the usurper’s men,” he said.  “Now, let us free our Queen.”

Charm: Paper Weapon

These paper charm are thin and long and marked with the symbols for combat and the characters for one or more weapons.  When the command words (or prayers) are spoken and the character for the weapon wanted is traced, it folds into that weapon for a short time.

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