Short Reviews of short Pathfinder products, take 2

4 May, 2012

Just some more quick reviews of smaller Pathfinder products, today a set of the #1 with a Bullet Point products from Super Genius Games:

All of the #1 with a Bullet Point products are short and to the point, they come with a big idea and then the mechanics to implement it.

3 New Supernatural Monster Abilities: These give you the ability to customize monsters in interesting, and powerful, ways to create unique and challenging encounters.  One has potential social application, one can be used for stealth and the last is pure combat, so they can be used in a variety of situations.

10 Monster Feats: More customization for unique monsters and capstone enemies.  The feats are combat and strong creature oriented, but that still allows them to be used by a wide variety of monsters.  If you need some tricks for the giant king, you will find them here.

10 Feats of Hammer and Thunder: Thor is in that new movie, you want to wield a hammer like Thor, then get these feats!  A variety of hammer weapon tricks, mostly offensive, several of which combine with clerical or paladin abilities.  If you want to smite your foe with a big, blessed hammer, you will find something to your tastes.

15 Fantasy Fees and Taxes: exactly what it says, fifteen mostly obscure (to modern people) taxes and charges that existed in the past as various ways for the state to acquire money and impose economic stability.  Several are fun and almost all will be annoying.  If you like finding ways to bedevil your characters enjoy this product (which was released on tax day for bonus amusement).

7 Stupid Fantasy Weapons: and they are, as you would expect from an April’s Fools product, such as: the two-handed Greatwhip!  The Bastard Club!  The iron clad Battle Lute!  Need an insane signature weapon for a character, one of these might just fit.



  1. Thanks for the reviews!

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