Seattle Scream (#33) prop and Shadowrun report

29 April, 2012

My monthly Shadowrun demo/continuing campaign moves on with the largest turnout yet (9 players!) and here is the latest Seattle Scream #33 used pregame and, yes, devil rats did make an appearance in the scenario.

I also had an opportunity to play Shadowrun!  I know, crazy right?  We are using a shared world, so most of the characters from the game I run were used while I played Slappy, ancient explosives expert from California, complete with green hat with a flower in it and an umbrella (she models her runner persona on Slappy Squirrel for those who did not immediately grok the reference) who was an absolute blast (pun intended) to play.


  1. I well remember Slappy Squirrel. 🙂 Sounds like a lot of fun.

    • It certainly has been. One of the other PCs is pretty young, so he became Slappy’s “nephew”, ’cause Slappy needs a nephew, right?

      And it was fun trying to work in the “You remind me of a young ” catchphrase.

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