New Magic Item – Portable Bath

29 April, 2012

“Squire, bring fourth my bath,” called Sir Liormore.

“Where will you get water?”  asked Sir Tyenvel, looking around the empty plain.

“Just wait and see,” grinned Sir Liormore.

Portable Bath

These items are composed of a two wooden panels two foot wide and three foot tall with two brass handles on the top of each, usually a markers mark is placed on one of the panels.  It is heavier than it appears but not so much that it cannot be moved by a single person.

When the two panels are pulled apart, a five foot long bathtub unfolds between them.  Once per day, with a command word, it will fill with water of a temperature from icy cold to very hot as specified by the command word used.  A second command word will banish the water and clean the tub (or it may be drained though the plug hole in the bottom).

Aura moderate conjuration and transmutation; CL 7th
Slot none; Price 4,000; Weight 20 lbs
Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, burning hands, create water, fabricate, ray of frost; Cost 2,000

Notes: A useful item for the traveling venturer.

Inspired by Tristan Tarwater’s Reality Makes the Best Fantasy: Bathing and Personal Hygiene article.


  1. This is totally neat! Really addresses a lot of cleanliness issues one might encounter on the road. Clean, hot water when you want it. I’m guessing the water is also potable, in case the party winds up in a strange situation where they have nothing to drink?

    • Yes, which is why you can drain it instead of just banishing the water.

      Glad you liked the item.

  2. I love little things like this!

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