Otherplaces – Yotenschlachtfeld, Blasted Plain of (A to Z Challenge, Y)

25 April, 2012

When the giants heard that the gods had been slain and felt the world shatter, their rulers called their armies and began to prepare for war.  But the Empress was already prepared and the massed flights of the dragon descended on the giant as they gathered.  The battle lasted a day and a night but the giants were not organized and the dragons were flying powerfully on the strength of the godsblood they had consumed.

At the end of the battle, the nobility of the giants had been slain and their army shattered.  Thus the Giantkin would not be a serious threat to the Dragon Imperium.

Blasted Plain of Yotenschlachtfeld

Even a millennium later this place is still recognizable as a battlefield, and one where terrible things happened, the ground is torn and rent, columns of unmelting ice are lit by pools of ever burning flame.  The only thing lacking is bodies and a few of those can be found where a dragon or giant’s body was melded into the earth through powerful magics and no one has been willing to risk breaking them free.  All of the loose bodies and other items have long since been looted, leaving it a quiet, haunted place of reflection.

At the place where the Dragon Empress slew the Queen of the Ice Giants, in single combat, the land is fused into crystal clear as ice in a rough circle.  Etched into that crystal is an epic poem of the battle in high draconic, written and carved by the Empress herself in memory of a valiant but defeated foe, serving as both a memorial of the giants and a warning to those that would oppose the Empress’ rule.  It is recognized as one of the most moving and complex poems in the draconic canon and is often visited by aspiring draconic poets.

The battlefield is also used by necromancers as a place to speak to spirits of dragons and ancient giants to glean lore and ancient.  But such must be done in secret as the Empress does not approve of those trying to gain access to forbidden lore and Imperial patrols occasional make sweeps of the Yotenschlachfeld.  Further, there is the danger of awakening spirits or shades that will not be easily put to rest.  However, these threats no not stop the ambitious from seeking knowledge and power there.

Dragons, especially young dragons, going on giant hunts (for a few of that race still remain in remote corners) often start from the Yotenschlachfeld as a sign of respect for those that have gone before them.  Dragon hunters have mooted the possibility of ambushing dragons there but it is not known if any have tried such an ambitious plan.


  1. Are there significant amounts of bones of the large creatures laying around? I could see unwitting adventurers taking shelter beneath the bones of a giant or dragon, only to be there when a necromancer comes calling.

    • Not many, unless they have been fused into the battlefield, which did happen. Both giant bone and sinew and really any part of a dragon are valuable so the battlefield was stripped of such in the first decade.

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