Otherplaces – Wollanfuft, Bottomless Well of (A to Z Challenge, W)

23 April, 2012

Wells should have a source or at least a bottom, the well at the center of the village of Wollandfuft has neither.  The water is so clear that you can almost see all the way down and, yet, it seems to go down forever.

Bottomless Well of Wollanfuft

The mountain village of Wollandfuft is in an otherwise unremarkable place apart from the well, the neat stone houses with steep roofs are just like any other in the region.  But the well is known all around the area, almost everyone withing a days travel has visited it at least once.  The well is steep sided, descending straight down and the water is clear, oh so clear, when the sun is above the well you can stare down into the depths forever and ever.

Water is only taken from the well under extraordinary circumstances as it is considered ill-fortuned.   But if you have a wish or seek to know something, you can write it on a rock or a sheet of metal and lower it in a basket weighed with three stones, some add other gifts as well.  The basket is lowered, on rope, on string, on ribbons, as the person thinks best but it must be at least one hundred feet long.   When it can be lowered no more, it is slowly bulled back up, the wish and other gifts are always gone, though nothing was seen taken them, rarely the stones go missing and rarer still, the basket.

But something will usually be either in the basket or tied to the line, it will in some way grant the wish or answer the question, but this is unlikely to be immediately apparent.  The items retrieved are often made of an odd green-white metal that is very hard and almost does not transfer heat.   It is said to bring bad luck upon a person to visit the well more than once a year and most people in the nearby valleys only do so once.

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