Otherplaces – Pallyys, Flying Fortress of (A to Z Challenge, P)

16 April, 2012

The unbelievers cowered in fear as the sun was blotted from the sky.  The temple-soldiers and warrior-priestesses of the goddess of war had come to strike down those that defied the proper order of things in their goddess’ flying fortress-temple.  The darkness cast by the shadow of the fortress was soon lit by the fires of burning building as . . .

-Fragment of pre-Sundering Holy Text.

Flying Fortress of Pallyys

Top of the World

Temple Ruins

The gods who were cast down by the dragon are only faintly remembered, what is not is that they as well had their wars and conflicts.   Some scholars think that the gods dominated the world quite as completely as the dragons do now, others, naturally, disagree.  But the existence of such artifacts as the Flying Fortress of Pallyys -name of a goddess or place?  it is not longer known- does lend credence to such theories.

A small hilltop in size complete with temple, barracks and training grounds surrounded by a low -but thick- crenelated wall.   The base is a mass of crystal arranged in complex patterns to allow flight. It was used as a mobile base and command center for the servants of the goddess for which it was built.  The flying fortress was supremely efficient, often ending conflicts by it merest appearance.

The buildings are now ruined following decades of fighting, many dragons sought to claim this symbol of martial prowess.  The causalities among the dragons seeking to control the flying fortress led to the Empress claiming it for herself for use by the Imperial forces.  Since then, it has vanished from public view if not memory.

Notes: Photo by claire rowland and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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  1. Sounds awesome.

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