Otherplaces – Lazitan, Spire of (A to Z Challenge, L)

12 April, 2012

You can see it for miles out of town, a nearly ethereal tower rising toward the clouds.  It glows with a opalescent glow when the sunlight touches it.  As you come closer, your can see how it dominates the small town scattered around its base like pine cones around a tree trunk.

Spire of Lazitan

It is said that the spire started as a ‘seed’ the size of a tree and grew from there, reaching it present size a century and a half later.  It may still be growing still but, if so, it is barely perceptible.  The Spire twists like a narrow fusinus shell and raises far above the roofs of the town around it, it is made of a tough shell like material, that is opalescent in direct sun or moon light yet, dim and shadowy without such direct light, almost vanishing against a moonless sky.

The interior is a pale indigo on the ‘floor’ darkening to a blue-gray on the walls and a dark charcoal grey on the ‘ceiling’, it is all faintly glossy (unless worn) and reflects light.  There are no sharp corners, everything being rounded and it gently spirals up, up, up becoming smaller as it climbs.  The lowest level is uses as an inn for travelers, as well as a meeting room and storage area for the town.  The next turn up has been converted into rooms for visitors who want the experience of having stayed in the spire.  The turn above that is for the handful of permanent residents who study the spire.

You cannot see out from the spire, it has no windows or openings, except at the base but fresh air gets in at all levels of spire, indeed it takes a concentrated effort to foul the air within the spire.  The upper levels have odd niches and arches that lead nowhere . . . expect on certain nights, when the stars are right, they open to other places, alien landscapes under different stars.  However, the trips through the gates are only one way.  People occasionally go missing from the spire and this is why, well the major reason why.  Even with all of the study of the spire, these gates are not known, though there are rumors of odd things happening on the upper levels at night.  Children of the town dare each other to venture to the top at night but rarely actually go there.

Occasionally, pieces of the spire are ‘shed’ into the interior, though there are never any visible broken spot or missing patches, this shell like material is fairly durable and very pretty.  They are carved into various things which are often sold, as such an unusual material commands a high price.

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