Otherplaces – Karezold, Echoing Battlefield of (A to Z Challenge, K)

11 April, 2012

The battle at Karezold was not especially major, it was a simple clash between the small field armies of two rival dynastic forces.  It would have been forgotten except for two things:

First, both sides brought new and untried battlefield magics to the fight.  Each one expecting their new magic to tip the balance entirely in their favor.

Second, it, in some sense, still seems to be going on a century after it began.

Echoing Battlefield of Karezold

On a good day, the battle field is just a field, a rolling plain with grass and a few small trees, seemingly abandoned though much of the area around it is heavily cultivated.  The roadway has been allowed to fall into disrepair and domestic animals are kept from it by a long stone wall.

But sometimes, that peaceful veil is rent and the sound of distant drums and fighting can be heard.  This happens frequently, once of twice every week for ten minutes to a few hours.  The farmers who work the nearby fields say that you just get used to it.  They are thankful that it almost always happens during the day and rarely disrupts their sleep of that of their livestock.

Both every now and then, less often, it is said, than before the wall was built and livestock would occasionally wander into the area claimed by the battlefield, the battle -or pieces of it- return.  Soldier fighting and dying, arrows and bolts flying through the air, and, once or twice, dangerous magics lashing out.  A charred patch where two sheep where incinerated remains obvious, generations after the flames consumed the poor creatures.

Historians, scholar of magic and the occasional thrill-seeker come and visit the battlefield with some regularity, but usually only the thrill-seekers cross onto the battlefield itself.  Some of those are never seen again.

Notes: Just a random strange place but I tried to figure out how a community would react to such a place.


One comment

  1. Random strange places are cool. 🙂

    Particularly, when communities just eventually take them in stride in their mundane life.

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