Otherplaces – Jheripor, the Mystic Kitchen of (A to Z Challenge, J)

10 April, 2012

There are gods of all kinds in the world, even gods of cooking and the kitchen.  Sadly, their fellow gods did not appreciate their sublime cooking skills and they would occasionally slip down to entertain and amaze mortals with their cooking skills.  But they could not resist building a kitchen fitting for a divine chef.

the Mystic Kitchen of Jheripor

It is a small estate, almost humble, but solidly built.  Its walls are surprisingly thick and age seems to have done little to weaken its structure. The gardens are beautiful to look at but all of the plants are practical, herb, berry hedges, fruit trees and edible flowers, everything in the garden can be eaten or used in food preparation in some way.

It is the interior that is unusual, most of the ground floor is kitchen and dining room, the basement is nearly all pantry, and the upper level consists almost entirely of bedrooms.  It is a place for feasts, no other purpose is supported by its design.

The kitchen are marvelous, ovens heated by captive fire creatures (which do need to be fed the occasional burnable thing to be kept happy), working surfaces of polished marble cleaned nightly by water and air sprites, racks of bowls of finest make, razor sharp knives and cleavers of all sizes.  Everything the finest cook could want and more.  Many of the items are enchanted, self stirring spoons, bowls that chill their contents, bottles that pour our precise measurements, and more.

The pantries and larders are magically restocked at random intervals with the best of foods, some exceedingly exotic, and everything is keep at the best temperature for preservation (and whisked away, somewhere, when it spoils).

The dining room is massive with excellent acoustics, a magical sideboard that keeps thing hot, warm or cold as needed.  The tables are wide and repair any damage done to them.  The chairs are comfortable and subtly adjust so that the diner is at the perfect height for eating relative to the table.  A selection of decorative tapestries line the walls and change from day to day to match some plan not always immediately evident.

The bedrooms, however, are plain and functional.  While clean, they are not fancy, being simply a place to rest and clean up.

The owners do not mind if others use the mystic kitchen as long as they do not try to steal or destroy anything, which will bring rapid retaliation from the servants and creatures bound to the house and bring down a rain of food related curses.

Notes: Inspired, indirectly by my good friend Dave Rezak whose birthday is today.


One comment

  1. Like! 🙂 Gods of cooking would be very happy with it 🙂
    Happy A to Z!

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