Otherplaces – Ithalia, the Labyrinth of (A to Z Challenge, I)

10 April, 2012

For a place so integral to the defense of the citadel of Ithalia to be open and unguarded for anyone to wander into tells me more of the dangers of the labyrinth than a hundred stories.

the Labyrinth of Ithalia

Down, down, down

One way in

In ages past, the high nobility of Ithalia ruled by use of powerful magic, specifically, those magics that stole creatures from other realms and bound them to the summoner’s will.  Some of these servant from beyond were will but most needed to be coerced into service and some, the most powerful, had to be bargained with.

The labyrinth was constructed as a place for these summoning and bargains to take place.  At first, it was just a single room beneath the citadel with a few storerooms near by but after the Night of the Nerezzra, where a powerful being escaped, collapsed part of the citadel and destroyed part of the city, more elaborate defenses were constructed and greater precautions were used.  Over the generations, the labyrinth has expanded to multiple levels below the citadel.  Part of the coming of age of the high Ithalian nobility is to design and add one defense to the labyrinth and then summon and bind a being for later use.

Who know what wanders the labyrinth

Who is that?

The defenses of the labyrinth are layered and elaborate: magical traps, wards, physical traps, dead ends and confusing paths, hidden passage ways, bound monsters, guard animals, golems and animated statues, and even members of the Ithalian high nobility and their personal summoning chambers and private rooms.  There is little rhyme or reason to the organization of the labyrinth and no one knows the complete layout or catalog of dangers.  There are areas even the Ithalians no longer venture into as the knowledge of the traps and danger there have been lost.  Occasionally prisoners will be promised their freedom if they can map such areas, but rarely do they return to claim their prize.

There are rumors of lost treasures, mystical and mundane, lost by the Ithalians gathering dust in the labyrinth but very few are foolish or desperate enough to take the risk to hunt for it.

Notes: Sorry this is late, had a birthday present for a friend to finish and started a new project for a small game company and this just got lost in the shuffle.

Stairway down by foto|etcetera, passageway by TheArches and used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic and Attribution 2.0 Generic license respectively.


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