Review – Monsters of NeoExodus: Harvester of Sorrow

8 April, 2012

The Harvester of Sorrow fills an interesting niche in the ranks of the undead and can be used in many styles of campaigns.  However, it is a very power-oriented creature, if its abilities (especially the wail) can be negated, it is likely to find itself easy prey for its hunters.

Monsters of NeoExodus: Harvester of Sorrow is part of the support for the NeoExodus Pathfinder setting by Louis J Porter Jr Design providing monsters and enemies linked to that setting, this volume was written by Greg Oppedisano and Tom Baumbach with Louis Porter Jr.  It is a seven-page product (4.5 after cover, ad and OGL) with an easy to read layout and the only art being the very nice full color cover piece (of which part is used for the character tokens included at the end of the product) with the last two pages being a sheet of tokens and a record sheet.

Harvesters of Sorrow are undead created when the soul of a suicide victim is refused entry to the afterlife.  The Harvesters of Sorrow seek others to kill and convert into lost souls like themselves.  It is a solid background for an undead creature with appropriate hooks into mythology.

The Harvesters of Sorrow uses a plaintive wail to overwhelm the listeners with its terrible soul-felt grief (inflicting the new aggrieved condition).  While its bite carrying a magical disease whose victims in turn become Harvesters of Sorrow as well, allowing the numbers of these foul creatures to grow.

In addition to the standard Harvester of Sorrow (CR 4), a Dread Harvester (CR 6) is also presented, the Dread Harvester’s suffering aura is manifest around it, making it a much more dangerous foe than the lesser version.

The product is solid but would be strengthened by a few scenario seeds.

Disclosure: As a featured reviewer for RPGNow/DriveThroughRPG, I received my copy of this product for free from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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