New Magic Item – Casting Bones

3 April, 2012

The marketplace soothsayer chanted and cast the bone sticks, he knelt to carefully study the pattern revealed.  “The cold wind comes from the east, the stars will be hidden tonight, caution must be observed.”  He looked to his patron.  “If you travel today, stop to camp early and keep careful watch.”

Casting Bones

These carved bone divination sticks are imbued with the resonance of the higher powers and when combined with the right magics, provide a more accurate look into the future.

When used as a focus for any Divination spell of fourth level or lower, the casting time of the spell become a minimum of one minute but the spell is cast as though the caster was 2 levels higher and any saves required are at +1 DC.

A non-spell caster may attempt to use them once a day to cast an Augury spell using the character’s class level as their caster level, but to do so they must succeed in either a Profession: Fortune Teller check (DC 18) or a Knowledge: Arcane or Religion (DC 24) with the attempt taking five minutes.

Aura moderate divination; CL 7th
Slot none; Price 5,000; Weight 1 lbs
Construction Requiremntse
Craft Wondrous Item, augury, commune, guidance, owl’s wisdom; Cost 2,500

Notes: Divination magic, historically one of the most commonly attempted ways to use magic, has been rather neglected in Pathfinder this item (which was also my submission to the RPG Superstar) was an attempt to address that.

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