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Otherplaces – The Hall of Forgotten Heroes

30 March, 2012

The Hall of Forgotten Heroes

Holding up the roof?The massive double doors at the entrance are made of carved bronze, so heavy with verdigris that the carving are unrecognizable.  The walls and floors are dark grey stone veined with red crystal that glints like fresh blood when the light hits it.  A worn carpet, once bearing a geometric pattern, now so threadbare it is barely visible, runs down the center of the hall.  Huge columns reach up into the darkness, supporting a high roof that cannot been seen.

Along the walls are statues, hundreds of them, made of a variety of materials: stone, bronze, copper, iron, ivory, clay.  A few are composites of materials, some even wore armor or clothing.  They are of all types of people, all races, all sexes.  Nobles in full armor stand beside a common in rags with no obvious rhyme or reason.  Engraved on each of the pedestals, often hard to read in scripts and alphabets no longer common, many faded by time into near illegibility. Read the rest of this entry ?

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