Short Reviews of short Mutants and Masterminds PDFs

29 March, 2012

Today, we look at some of the Threat Reports produced by Green Ronin for their Mutants & Masterminds game, each one spotlighting a single villain.  These villains are all part of the Cybertribe, a group of high tech supervilllains engaged in a shadow war with a less than nice Corporation:

All of the threat reports come with a nice piece of color art of the character embedded in the PDF and a separate Hero Lab file.

Motherboard is the team leader and ‘mother’ of the Cybertribe, a brilliant scientist betrayed by an evil corporation and kept alive only by a life support cocoon.  But her brain is alive and able to manipulate computers on a superhuman level.  From their base (detailed here as well) she leads the Cybertribe in a private war against groups she considers evil, especially the corporation that tried to kill her.  An excellent mastermind character with very limited combat ability (even at her PL of 12) with a morally ambiguous agenda if such appeals to a campaign.

Rez is the Cybertribe’s infiltration specialist, able to change her appearance at will.  As someone who hated her appearance, her new found freedom to be anyone, anytime.  Her powers are focused on being other people, which she loves as character, and is a fascinating build for an infiltrator.  Again, an interesting mostly non-combat build (at PL 10) which allows for some fun and interesting plots.

Sister Steel is the Cybertribe’s field leader, strong, fast and effective.  Her cybernetic shell compensates for his weakness of her body.  Seeking to strike out at the world that has always beat her down, she restrains her anger to better protect her family.  An effective and direct combatant (at PL 10) and an interesting character.

Heavy Metal is the strongman of the Cybertribe (and brother to Sister Steel), tough and powerful, but also the youngest and most gentle of the team.  An interesting character and very good at what he does (which is be strong and tough which you can be very of both at PL 11) and an important member of the Cybertribe but not the on the face of it the most interesting.

Unfortunately, I do not have the other Cybertribe members to review but it is a most interesting team and rife with roleplaying and adventure potential.

Disclosure: As a featured reviewer for RPGNow/DriveThroughRPG, I received my copies of these product for free from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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