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Tuesday Magic Item – Duckling Seeds

27 March, 2012

“With these wonders, you need never fear being hungry,” the traveling magician-merchant said, displaying a handful of white seeds.  With a flourish, he tossed them into a muddy patch by the village’s pond.



With a popping noise, soon followed by high pitched cries, half a dozen duckling appeared in the mud patch chirping away.  The magician-merchant tossed them a handful of grain which they devoured and began casting around for their own food.  “Within a week, they will be large enough to eat.  The seed that created them will last forever as long as they are properly stored.  These six, I give to your village as a gift, the seeds will be on sale until I leave in the morning.”

Duckling Seeds

These white and brown seeds look like tiny eggs.  They are triggered by casting them onto any patch of damp ground.  They are usually kept in wax sealed jars or oilcloth bags, tied tightly shut.

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