Review – Genius Guide to: Fire Magic

22 March, 2012

Not enough fire magic in your campaign?  This genius guide aims to help you with that problem.  A variety of new fire-based spells and class options for all of your magical fire needs are provided within.

The Genius Guide to: Fire Magic
is a 12-page PDF (11 pages if you remove the credits/OGL page) for the Pathfinder RPG written by Owen K. C. Stephens and published by Super Genius Games.  This is part of Super Genius Games’ Genius Guide line.

The layout is a screen-friendly landscape design, with cover art and 1-column on the first page and three columns on the rest.  The list of spells is in traditional Pathfinder formatting and as easy to read as they ever are.  The art supports the fire magic and spell-casting theme of this product in a mix of color and black and white pieces.

Fire Magic opens with a discussion about how Fire is a well used (if not iconic) in magic imagery but somehow, spellcasters always seem to be able to use more fire magic.  So, more fire magic will be provided.

Fourteen new spells of first level and higher including something for most types of casters (bard, cleric, druid, inquisitor, sorcerer/wizard and witch).  Naturally most of these are combat oriented spells but there are some interesting utility spells as well and the new rules for damage caused by magical steam, which are quite clever.  The spells Brand of Shame, scarring the wicked for their crimes, and Wall of Glass, which summons a wall of molten glass, are two of my favorites.

Beyond the spells, fire casters are supported with: an optional Inquisitor’s judgement, a new Oracle mystery (dragonfire), new Witches’ hexes, a fiery creature template and two new metamagic feats.

Disclosure: As a featured reviewer for RPGNow/DriveThroughRPG, I received my copy of this product for free from the publisher for the purpose of this review.


  1. Does this book, or the Pathfinder system in general, offer any support for letting fire-based casters handle the huge number of creatures with fire resistance (and, in 3.x, outright immunity)? That’s always been my concern with playing too tightly-themed of a spellcaster.

    • First, replace all immunity with relatively high fire resistance (50-ish).

      Second, add more character options. Similar to how the Spell Penetration feat pierces spell resistance, you could have Resistance Penetration feat that ignores, say, 5 elemental resistance. (For added fun, say it doesn’t apply to just fire damage from spells. This lets the Fighter with his Flaming Burst scythe lay the beatdown.) A Greater version of the feat could ignore 10 or 15 resistance.

      • I am already planning to remove most full immunities from my campaign as they make very little sense.

    • The steam spells do for some and the sacred flame metamagic feat also helps.

  2. How did you come to be a reviewer for RPGnow/DriveThruRpg?

    • You know, I do not recall, it was long enough ago. I think I just asked and cited my background reviewing for White Wolf magazine.

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