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Tuesday Magic Item – Black Banner of the People

20 March, 2012

The black banner which had rallied the people to revolt still flew over the fortress at the heart of the city.  Over weeks, the noose had tightened and the rebels had been pushed back -house by house and street by street- into a thin band around the ancient citadel.  But the people would not give up, they would not again return to authoritarian rule.

Viva la revolution!

Black Flag

The soldiers prepared for the final push, hating the fanaticism that banner inspired.  Inside, the rebel looked at their flag with pride, hoping their struggle would inspire others to rise.

Black Banner of the People

Also known as the black banner of revolution.  These flags are deeply hated by anyone who wishes to keep (or impose) order.  They are not much in appearance, just a rectangle of black cloth with ties to attach it to a pole.

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