Short Reviews of short Pathfinder products

18 March, 2012

Just some quick reviews of smaller Pathfinder products:

Death Sentence, a Coffee Break Adventure, by War Games South.  A short one-page adventure with a nice full color map and an all too brief encounter.  It is good enough for a short encounter, but only just.  A second page could have added so much more (and an OGL).  Not bad for something to use on the spur of the moment of for inspiration but War Games South should aim higher.

A Cast of Characters: Town Guards by Corvus Lunaris is exactly what is says on the tin, statblocks for five guard types ranging from village guards (CR 1/3) to Royal Guards (CR 8, though listed as CR 10), along with Captains for the two most competent sorts, Elite and Royal.  Some combat tactics and roleplaying suggestion, maybe even suggested bribe levels, would have helped to flesh out the guards and moved them beyond generic opponents.  On a design note, I would have liked to have seen more polearms among the guards and fewer (expensive) swords, some nonlethal weapon options would have been nice too.  Still, handy to have when you need a bunch of guards to impede the player characters in some way.

#1 With A Bullet Point: 5 Abilities for Dragonhide Armor by Supergenius Games is also just what is advertised, 5 new abilities (2 of which have multiple levels of power) that are thematically appropriate for dragonhide armor: tails, wings, breath weapons and more, all reflecting the powers of dragons the armor was created from.  Quite a fun idea and well executed.  So, if you need more things to do with that dragonhide.



One comment

  1. I find myself all-too-often almost unable to read through NPC compendiums when they just include stat blocks and occasional art. Your suggestions (bribe levels, etc) seem like they could have moved the product from generic all the way to extremely useful.

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