Pattern Seekers – Interlude 2: Travels and Travails

11 March, 2012

Have completed their mission dealing with the Sun Temple and the Diamond Dwarves (at long last), our heroes had some time to relax.  So, they asked to be allowed to visit a city for shopping and other tasks.  They find themselves on the road to Borusa, city of Scholars, where they get news, send letters,Dr. Martin got to give a presentation to one of the colleges and Zendrick used his tattooing skills to make some money.  Items acquired earlier were sold and information and things,  including a soothing wand of simple healings (which Bradley refuses to contribute towards earning him no points with the others), were bought.

Then back to the Complex with their new acquisitions.  Later that night, they are awoken to a strange noise and find one of the giant mantis has been brutally killed, it looks like his thorax imploded.  After making sure there was nothing immediately threatening nearby, they made their way to the Shaper’s room.  After a brief wait, they are allowed in.  The Shaper listens and says that the expansion of the complex must have crossed into a dangerous area and allowed hostile things to enter.  She provides a map of the complex and points out which areas she knows are secure, leaving our heroes to investigate the rest.

Initially, they find nothing unusual but soon they run across a carpet of dead ants, which look like they have been splashed around the walls as floors as if they had been liquid.  A pair of dessicated mantes are soon found as they make their way towards the gate at the end of the corridor.  Suddenly something attacks them, extending tentacles from where it rests, translucent on the ceiling.  Dr. Martin is partly pulled into the mass which causes the gel-like creature to start to become pink as it start to absorb his blood.  Zendrick magically coats Dr. Martin in slippery oil allowing him to slide free.

Then darts, arrows, magical fire and lightning are all unleashed on the creature, battering and blackening at.  Its second attempt to absorb the good doctor fails and the blackened creature falls in pieces to the floor.  After some debate, Dr. Martin tries to pass through the gate only to find himself back in the corridor, several further attempts were made before he finally crossed through, Morgrymson and Fiona followed.

They found themselves in a place with distant stars, which is dark with sinister shadows.  Something flies across the faint stars.  Their footsteps are swallowed up in an unnatural silence.  When a strangely formed, but exceedingly large, furred creature with branching arms climbs from the earth and begins lumbering toward them, they decide to cross back to the Complex.

Shaper takes their report, thanks them and instructs the mantes to see that the Gate is repositioned.   Our heroes retired for well needed rest, until their next adventure.

Notes: J could not make it, as he was prepping for a trip, so Defender was busy throughout finishing the whorl buckler for Fiona.

It was not my best game, as other things had kept me from my game preparation but the game moved forward and people seemed to have fun.


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