New Magic Item – Regent’s Crown

29 February, 2012

When Northangan, the Prince Regent, tried to murder his wife -the rightful queen- he found that each blow of his dagger opened the same wound upon his body.  He dropped the weapon and begged her forgiveness.

Three days later, when the executioner’s axe took Northangan’s head, there was no echoing wound on the queen’s neck.

Regent’s Crown

These items are surprisingly plain given their name, they are a simple band of silver inlaid with symbols of the kingdom on the outside in gold with the subtle use of gems.  The inside has a list of the ruling royalty etched in gold.  Only close examination will reveal how valuable the circlet actually is.  Given to the queen or prince regent of a kingdom, they serve to protect and guide both the wearer and their royal spouse.  The Regent’s Crown, while worn, is virtually invisible blending in with the wearer’s hair (or lack thereof) and fitting comfortably beneath any wig or other headgear.

Without the ritual to awaken its power, which can be simple of complex but always involves the king or queen to place it upon their regent’s head, it simply provides its wearer with a +3 competence bonus to Diplomacy checks and an aversion (-1 to attacks, damage and skill checks) to causing harm to the royal house it was made for.

After the ritual, the wearer gains +2 enhancement bonus to Charisma, a +5 competence bonus to Diplomacy and a +4 resistance bonus against mind-affecting effects.  The wearer can also generate a Shield Other effect around their spouse as a free action.

Some of these are Poisoned Crowns, these crowns cannot be removed and their Shield Other effect triggers whenever their spouse is threatened and if they directly kill their spouse, they are Poisoned (as the spell, DC 25).

Aura strong abjuration and transmutation; CL 11th
Slot head; Price 37,500; Weight 1 lbs
Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, eagle’s splendor, owl’s wisdom, resistance, shield other (for a poisoned crown add bestow curse and poison); Cost 18,750 (+1,500 xp for D&D)

Adventure Seed: A kingdom has been restored but part of the missing royal regalia is a regent’s crown.  Perhaps it has become part of another nation’s treasure, in which case diplomacy is called for, or it is lost, leading to other adventures.  Once it is returned, if it is a poisoned crowns, the adventurers who retrieved it may be blamed for any ugliness that flows from that fact.

Notes: Sorry this was late, just could not quite finish it up yesterday.



  1. Does the purveyor of the crown have to be the true “sovereign?” Could a usurper perform the ritual–or perhaps a duplicate slipped in?

    • If you have the ritual and a claim on the crown, you can probably pull it off. The magic working by form, it should be able to be tricked by a close version of it.

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