March forward out of February

29 February, 2012

Tomorrow, March begins and the Equinox and Spring move near.  March gains its name from the Roman month Martius which gains its name from Mars, the Roman god of war (and much less of a bully than his Greek counterpart Ares).

So, the theme for March will be the military and things martial.  As usual, if there is anything in particular you would like to see let me know.

February, 2012, journal saw the following posts here:


The Lupercalia Begins!

Places in the Sea of Stars: the Legalist Monarchy of Arachast

Pathfinder Rules Musing: Fortification

New Magic Items:

Fate-Cutting Arrows, end the life of your enemies at the price of part of your own.

Love Eternal Ring, bind your love to you, always.

Regent’s Crown, rule well and protect the ruler.

Whorl Buckler, be protected against magic sometime in surprising ways.

Campaign Report:

Pattern Seekers, Episode 8: Gold, Gold, Gold (Part 3)


1001 Spells

Amazing Stories of World War II: Pearl Harbor December, People’s Revolution, and Vigilance Force.

Enemies of the Empire

Fursona: the Definitive Guide to Creating Anthropomorphic Characters


Opponents Unlimited

Threat Reports: King Babylon and Mindfire

VERNE, Steampunk setting guide.


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