Review – Opponents Unlimited

25 February, 2012

Opponents Unlimited is a collection of supervillains, lone villains and groups, most of which are very offbeat or even outright zany.  For colorful and unusual characters, it is worth a look.

Opponents Unlimited is a 33-page PDF (31-pages after you remove the covers) for the Villains & Vigilantes RPG written by Stephen Jones and published by Fantasy Games Unlimited.  This is a scan of the original physical book, while a clean scan it makes the product a large file and unsearchable, both of which are inconvenient.

Opponents Unlimited has mostly a traditional two column layout.  Each character has a black and white illustration (done by Jeff Dee one of the co-creators of V&V), there are several interior maps and two sheets of full color counters.

Opponents Unlimited is a collection of supervillains (and more) for V&V.  It starts with a table of 24 encounters, paragraph long adventure seeds, and statistics for the Prankster (a trickster hero) and rouge robots and komodo dragons which show up in some of the other encounters.

Next are seven solo villains (well, one is neither hero nor villain) several of which, including an organ-legger and an alien cyborg who intend to kidnap children to use as raw material for future cyborg, could be quite dark but others which are rather light hearted.

The organizations continue the light-hearted theme with:

  • B.A.D. (the Brotherhood of Amoral Dudes) lead by Auntie Phil and containing such members as Cosmic Zoom (a size-shifter with a sword) and Swarmmaster.
  • The Amazing Floop Brothers, a family team of supervillains.
  • V.I.L.E. (Villains In Larcenous Enterprise) who are a little more serious but only a little.

Each of these three include a mapped HQ.

There is also the Tarot Master, three Tarot Card-themed supervillains backed a group of suit-themed agents.

Each of the characters is given a fairly short description but enough to build from and often implies scenario ideas.  But it is a product from the early days of RPGs and shows that to some extent.  The characters are all a bit strange, as the random nature of character generation for V&V shows through, but it should be easy enough to convert them to another system.

Disclosure: As a featured reviewer for RPGNow/DriveThroughRPG, I received my copy of this product for free from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

Also, check out the modern update of Villains & Vigilantes by the original creators.


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