Pattern Seekers – Episode 8: Gold, Gold, Gold (Part 3)

20 February, 2012

Having captured and interrogated (and, Bradley hopes, turned and recruited) the three captured bandits.  Our heroes planned to locate the bandits camp and then track them down the next morning.  But before dawn the sorcerer, Zandrick, thought he had seen the diamond eagle and scaled one of the mountains in pursuit and was not there to accompany his companions.*

Following the directions of the captured bandits, they easily find the recently abandoned camp of the bandits.  Thea and Pho begin tracking while the others poke around the camp.  Bradley noting something shiny in the ashes of the main camp fire, it is a small silver figure of a four-armed ape.  As soon as he picks it up, the figure starts to grow and move, so Bradley throws it . . . and Malik, the monk, runs and catches it!  As the figure expands out into a full nine-foot tall girallon, Malik tries -and fails- to wrestle it to the ground.  Combat ensues!  Even though our heroes entirely have the jump on the girallon, it is a punishing opponent.  It even managed to put down Dr Martin in his beast form, if it had just managed to hit its rend, it would have torn him apart.  Once defeated, it shrinks back to being a figure albeit a broken one.

Sans flail

Young Snail

After licking their wounds they continued on the trail of the bandits, avoiding a trap on the way.  By nightfall, they were still some way behind and decided to camp.  Their rest was undisturbed until morning when something was pushing through the brush approaching the camp.  They rushed to investigate and were attacked by . . . a flail snail!  The snail proves tough to defeat, though it cannot escape (being a snail and all).  Malik tries to push it over and is only able to -partially- succeed once he has been magically increased in size.  The flail snail pummels them mightily before finally slumping in defeat, poor thing, and its body is ripped from its shell by the semi-giant Malik.  Tying the shell to Defender’s back, they continued on.

Just before noon they arrived at another clearing that had obviously been used as a campsite but had since been abandoned.  In the center, sitting in the sunlight on a beautiful cloth with a nattily dressed young man with a picnic hamper and tea set.  Some of our heroes, Nikko and Defender, were not willing to approach but the others did over time receiving food and tea, a seemingly endless supply of both coming out of the hamper.  The young man has intense golden eyes and identifies himself as Hassakiss, a draconic name meaning ‘shadow of gold’, so the assumption is made that he is a dragon.  Hassakiss explains that he has been provoking the conflict for his own amusement but that the group has been much more amusing.  After much circular discussion, Hassakiss agree to solve their problem with the Dwarves and Solars in exchange for:

  • The flail snail shell (less enough for a buckler).
  • One giant thigh bone (from Malik).
  • Some panacea pancakes (from Dr Martin).
  • A favor to be named later from Bradley.

In return, Hassakiss writes and seals a letter for each the dwarves and the Solars and gives them to Bradley, packs up his picnic and rolls the shell off.  Dr. Martin walks with him for a few minutes and then returns to the party.  They take the letters and make their way back to first the Solars, who are less than pleased by the letter and then the dwarves, who react the same way.  Hassakiss is the satrap of these lands and has ordered them to split the mine equally and they have little direct recourse.

Bradley tries to make contacts with the Diamond dwarves for the future.  Our heroes return to the Complex and report where they are warned by the Shaper to avoid contacts with the dragons.  Thus ended the session.  Next time, shopping.

Notes: *M had a conference to attend and this was how he wanted to explain his character’s absence.  C was also absent so no dwarf cleric either.

I was somewhat surprised by how cautious the players were around a dragon, even a young one, seems like the world is rubbing off on them.

Photo by Elroy Serrao and used under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.


  1. Its a dragon. And we are crunchy and good with ketchup.

    • Your character would probably need a good marinade.

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